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We did it!

Davide Tosolini and Marco Rigobon, albeit being normal middle-aged citizens (the first a master builder and the second a professional) and both with a high level of sport activities in the past in several branches of sports: Davide is still a parachutist instructor, has participated in some editions of the “Maraton du sable”, trekking in the desert and in Tibet on his own, …whereas Marco was a promise in the national swimming, basket player, skier alpinist, diver…

But what has united them over the years has been their passion for climbing and for adventure: They frequented different schools and yet they have reached more then 40 of the “four thousands” in the Alps, and, together, they have climbed four of the “SEVEN SUMMITS”: the KILIMANGIARO in Africa, the ELBRUS (with skis) in Caucasus, which they consider to be “maybe the best ski-alpine descent they have ever done, the MC KINLEY (DENALI) in Alaska and the ACONCAGUA in Argentina. Moreover, they are all always insist on avoiding (at least during the climb up) the “easy ways” often neither greatly solitaire nor so enchanting.
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