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We did it!


There is a lot to be said about The Antarctic: ice melting, icebergs huge as entire nations,
Italy abandoning bases for scientific research...

So, when there is curiosity, which better spur for an adventure is there but going by yourself?
Maybe with ambitious goals that are both sportive and alpine?

And projects were formed to undergo a very unusual expedition:“ANTARCTIC TOP AND HEART” whose goal is not only to climb the summit of Mount Vinson (the highest peak of The Antarctic), but also one of the “Seven Summits” or “Seven sisters”, a well known alpine destination, then, once down and with a change of equipment, to reach the Geographic South Pole skiing.
  The expedition, promoted by “Seven Summits A.S.D.”, is organized by FOCUS WORLD EXPEDITIONS (with the assistance of a correspondent). FOCUS ( has already supported them in other adventures and is an operator specialized in the preparation of higher level enterprises: last but not the least we can call to mind the climb of K2 for the 50 years of the “Montagna degli Italiani” or the fly across Everest by Angelo D’Arrigo’s hang gliding. During the expedition a documentary will be produced which will be broadcasted on a well known cable tv channel.  
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