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We did it!

  The program begins with the departure on the 20th of November form Punta Arenas in Chile to the Antarctic base of PATRIOT HILLS with a cargo which carries the supply to the base. There the necessary equipment will be split for the two different phases of the expedition. God willing the day after a little Twin Otter will take them upon the glacier right in the site where the base camp will be set up, about 2.000 meters, and the preparation for the climb will begin.  
  Situated in the massif of ELLWORTS MOUNTAINS the Vinson (almost 5.000 meters) technically is not a peak of a great difficulty, even for this particular route, but the extreme temperatures, that can reach even 50 degrees below zero, together with the quote and the wind could make everything much harder. The desire to face a climb in alpine style, speedy, light, and possibly with only one mid camp, arises quite simply from all these factors. However, should the weather conditions become hostile, the cold too intensive or there is too much fresh snow, the cautious choice will be the alternative one, with much more camps, which will guarantee more security and rest, but in this case it will be necessary to have more material, supplies, gas, etc.  
After the summit of the peak and once down, we will return to Patriot Hills in order to change the equipment: some of the ropes, crampons and axes will be replaced with skis, sealskins, sledges, …to begin a long crossing that will bring them to reach, in complete self sufficiency, the Amundsen-Scott base, exactly sited at the Geographic South Pole
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